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The company of LANACO had developed filters made out of organic wool which are used in a variety of air filtering applications. It has been proven that the fabric that is being used in the company's filters captures more than 99.85% of 01.PM particles and filters more than 99.99% of bacteria and particles that are being carried by air. The specific wool fiber that is being used in Lanaco's filters is well known by its antibacterial qualities and it is able to reduce the odds of multiple disease infections. Nonetheless, due to the filter's natural components, it is 100% perishable.


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The origin of lyocell fiber is in nature and it is artificially generated in the same way as other cellulose fibers are, such as viscose. The lyocell fiber is made of rich eucalyptus cellulose fibers goo which is dissolved in a reusable, nonpoisonous organic solvent. The Australian company LENZING is one of lyocell's manufacturers. They have a sustainable manufacturing process that causes hardly any damage to the environment. The fiber is being developed in a controlled surrounding, with no water and it is completely perishable. Fabrics made out of tencel fibers are hypoallergenic in a way that they prevent bacteria accumulation on the fabric due to their ability to reduce absorption of air and face humidity; therefore they are extremely efficient for individuals with skin problems such as acne and eczema. These fibers are ideal for preventing skin infections. The unique process of lyocell production, as opposed to other organic fibers such as viscose, gives the fabric the ability to absorb humidity, improve breathing, cause less friction with the skin, lessen erasure, prevent static electricity, provide thermal regulation of natural body temperature and assists in cooling or warming the body as necessary. 


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Alo vera fibers are made out of alo vera cellulose. Their structure is similar to cotton but unlike cotton, the penetration of air is better through alo vera made fabrics, therefore they will be even better for breathing. Nonetheless, alo vera fibers have many more virtues such as soft and smooth textures, silky shine, high thermal stability, coloring capability, static electricity prevention and high stretch capability.


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Copper is known for its high thermal conductivity and antibacterial characters which are essential for the human body. It is also known for its ability to regulate temperature, reduce skin moist and keep a balanced skin temperature. Furthermore, it has been proven for the decades that copper struggles with bacteria, heals the skin, assists in the replacement and renovation of skin cells and prevents wrinkling. A copper made pillowcase can reduce hair and skin friction and absorb facial moist which could have been harmful for individuals with sensitive skins. Between the 14th and the 16th centuries, the Aztecs had used copper oxide for treating skin problems.