Wearing masks and hiding our faces forces us to find new ways of interpersonal communication in order to empower our values and stories.

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The industrial Revolution


Over the last century, radical changes have been evident in our air condition: transportation vehicles and industrial plants have begun to release toxins, floating debris, various chemical compounds, smoke and dust. The clear, pure air of the early days became polluted, murky and harmful. The industrial age - whose beginnings are widely accepted to mark the outbreak of the industrial revolution in the 19th century - is what allows us a modern lifestyle in a high-tech consumer society. It is a tangible danger to air quality and the atmosphere, and of course - to our own health.

The gulf of Mexico oil spill


The Gulf of Mexico oil spill was an ongoing massive oil spill and was considered the greatest environmental disaster in history. The oil spill began as a result of an underwater oil well eruption, the explosion caused a fatal blast on the oil drilling rig and eleven drillers were killed from the blast. The amount of oil spilled in the sea is estimated at 780 million liters, and tar balls continued to be discovered on the coasts even four years after the leak stopped.

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Slavery in china's factories

Factory shift work in china - monotonous work, each worker has one role in product's assembly.

You must not talk to each other, you must not get out of your place and must not go to the bathroom except of the breaks (every 2 hours of work, 10 minutes break). Do not lean on the table while waiting for the next product - one of the penalties for this is to stand up until the end of the shift. At the end of each day, employees are allowed to return to the dorm to sleep. The luckiest of them will have how water in the showers or water in general. The salary is 2300 Chinese Yuan  about 300  American Dollars. 

Sea of ​​plastic


Plastic is a by-product of oil and does not actually decompose in nature during human life. The decomposition process causes enormous damage to the environment and is not always visible. The animals, for example, which visit places where the person has celebrated, swallow the plastic parts and suffocate. The photosynthesis process has also been compromised as the stretched plastic bags prevent oxygen penetration and ventilation of the soil.

Over the past three years, the number of sea turtles injured by plastic bags has risen by tens of percent, along with hundreds of percent increase in sea turtles that have needed treatment over the past decade.

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The ozone hole


The hole in the ozone layer is an atmospheric area where the ozone layer is greatly depleted. The main causes of damage to the ozone layer are aerosol emissions and chemicals such as chlorine-fluorocarbon, which bind to the layer and decompose it. The ozone layer is of great importance in the existence of life on earth. The ozone layer filters out the ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun, radiation that endangers living creatures and causes skin cancer.

The collapse of a factory in Bangladesh


The collapse of Rana Plaza has taken the lives of 1,138 workers and left more than 2,500 injured, it has become a symbol of human rights violations in the global textile industry and criminal misconduct on the part of government, factory owners and safety testers. After the disaster, it was revealed that two floors were built without a permit and that non-standard cement and iron were used. The building is populated with heavy textile machinery, contrary to its engineering design, and the day before the building collapsed, cracks appeared in the walls. Despite these warning signs, the managers of the five textile factories in the building demanded the workers continue to 

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One of the most serious causes of climate change is the air pollution caused by gases emitted by vehicles. Its impact is noticeable mainly within major city centers. There are particles that the human eye cannot detect and they can penetrate the respiratory system and can even reach deeper into the blood vessels and cause serious illnesses. According to an OECD study, "The mortality rate among Israelis is 2,548 people a year as a result of air pollution, a number that exceeds the number of fatalities in road accidents and terrorist attacks all together."

Rising water level


Rising sea level is one of the effects of global warming. Since the beginning of the 20th century the sea level has been on the rise. The rate of rising seawater has accelerated over the years and is mainly due to the glaciers and snow melting due to climate change. Rising seawater is already causing harm to human life, other creatures and property and will even cause more serious damage in the future.

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Wildfires in Australia 

The wave of wildfires in Australia is considered to be the most severe fire wave ever hit Australia.

This wave included massive forest fires that began in the forests of Australia and spread to settled areas, particularly in the southeastern state. The main causes of the fires were high temperatures, drought and frequent lightning blows during thunderstorms. Nearly three billion animals were affected by the ongoing fires, the number of animals that died exceeded one billion and according to reports the greenhouse gases emitted during the four months of fires are worth full emissions in 2018.

Covid 19


According to many, the plague is a punishment that society pays for its sins, it exposes its moral ill. One version explains the epidemic within the fabric of human-nature relations. Modern man, who seeks to take control of nature and exploit it, has disrupted ecosystems and made nature out of control. The epidemic expresses the revenge of nature, its way of "signaling us" that we have exaggerated, and it serves as a warning about the imminent danger if humans do not return from their evil ways.

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